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Los ritmos de la tierra (2015)

[Documentary teaser]

  The film is about rural music (Carranguera, the Guabina and the Torbellino) in Boyacá, Cundinamarca and Santander. It is part of an interdisciplinary research carried out at the Central University (other products emerged, such as several written articles and a musical CD). I had the opportunity to participate in all aspects of film production; from research and pre-production, through shooting and editing.

Directed by Jan Meurkens

Teaser edited by Isabelle Samper

Watch a unreleased full version here.

El silencio del mambe (2015-)

[Documentary teaser]

Eduardo Paqui, shaman of the Muinane community of Villa Azul, located on the banks of the Caquetá River, is in search of safeguarding his ancestral knowledge, because the present of the community has been permeated by outside influences that have affected the permanence of their cultural legacy and even the very territory they inhabit.


By Isabelle Samper and Sergio Pedraza



This movie was my gradation film. This is only the teaser.

The full version is yet to be released.

La voz de la montaña (2020)


This film show us how former FARC-ep combatants live after signing the peace treaty with the Colombian government. as part of the agreements, territorial spaces for reincorporation were implemented where former combatants live and work in productive projects. As these projects are often not financed by the government, many ex-combatants have become distrustful and many have defected from the peace accords. At the same time, many social leaders and cultural workers have been killed for accepting peace.

Directed by Alejandra Cardona

Edited by Isabelle Samper

a otro tempo (2017)

[Documentary youtube series]

Este es un espacio donde se comparten las palabras compartidas con el arquitecto Germán Samper durante el último año de su vida. Se trata sobre diversos temas de arquitectura y algunas anécdotas personales.


By Isabelle Samper

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