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An Imaginary Film is an experiment. It is both a book and a full-length film, a work in which two mediums are discussing and inducing questions about the perception of reading and watching a movie. The form exposes the content. An Imaginary Film is an audiovisual and written essay that follows a consciousness, a train of thought, a gaze. It proposes a game to the spectator: to take a look into the inner world, to walk around the unexplored terrains of the self, to wonder about the nature of reality and art, about the experience being lived in the present tense. It is a mirror on which simultaneously are reflected the work, the creative process, and the spectators' experience, a vertiginous "mise en abyme" of the pure present. The film shows an internal reality, projects a mind full of emotions and shifting memories. Furthermore, it plays with time. By melting future, past, and present it creates an exacerbated Now. 

An Imaginary Film

Original language: Spanish

Creator = Work = Spectator. Train of Thought. Mirror Movie. Cave of Shadows. Memory Box.

[full-lenght film + book]

Produced by analogZeit


Film (excerpt)

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